Friday, 30 March 2012

Lady Llama

I had a very strange request this morning from my daughter (3yrs) - Mum please can you make sleeping bags for my babies.  Now normally I would jump at the chance to make something different but Kirsty doesn't just have one or two babies - she has whole families.  I couldn't quite face running up 20+ plain old sleeping bags and remembered that she had seen a picture of some felt Llama brooches in the latest edition of my Mollie Makes mag and thought that I may be able to appease her by making one of them instead.  Much more fun for me!!  I had all the supplies at home so it was a fairly quick and easy project.  I proudly handed over my Lady Llama and stood back to wait for my hug.  Wow Mum!! thanks for my caterpillar.  Did you make my sleeping bags?  I should have know better and worse still as I look at the cute Lady Llama I am thinking she looks a tad lonely all by herself and could do with a family of Llamas to keep her company.

To find the full size templates for this project and instructions go to
Double click on the magazine for Issue 12 and then go to
page 2

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