Wednesday, 28 March 2012

How to make an Easter Egg Pinata

The kids have been asking for their own Pinata for ages now but we have never had an excuse to go out and buy one.  I thought Easter would be the perfect time to try one out for ourselves.  The thought of the kids bashing away at a cute bunny or Easter chick slightly disturbed me so we opted for an 'easy' egg shape.  The kids had great fun making this - thick gloopy glue and paper - lovely!!

If you fancy trying this out

You will need the following:
1 cup all purpose flour
2 cups water
1 giant balloon
acrylic paint or paper to decorate
some shredded crepe paper

Blow the balloon up, knot and then place in a bowl to help keep it steady.

 Mix the flour and water together to make a thick paste.

Tear the newspaper into 1 inch strips and then into smaller 1 inch squares. 

Dip each piece of paper into the paste and then apply to the balloon, smoothing down to give a nice flat surface. 

Continue to cover the balloon but leave a space around the top free as you will need this to fill the balloon later.

Once this layer has dried completely, repeat with another two layers making sure each layer dries before starting the next one.  Once you are happy that everything is nice and dry you will need to pop/cut the balloon and remove it from the inside leaving just the newspaper shell.

Decorate the egg by painting with acrylic paint or cover with coloured paper.  Poke two holes about 1 inch from the top edge and pull your string through.  Tie in a loop ready for hanging in the tree.
Now the fun part - Fill with shredded paper

and of course - some treats

Tasting along the way is of course absolutely necessary.

Once the egg is full you can seal the top with another layer of paper and decorate when dry but it does add a bit more time to the whole project.  I just stuffed some crepe paper into the hole to finish it off.

Hang in a tree and bash away with a stick until the egg 'cracks'.

Finders Keepers!!

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