Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Burlap flower

Burlap seems to be all the rage at the moment and I do love the rustic look that it gives.  I had to make some curtains for the kids new playhouse so decided to try and see how easy it would be to sew with the burlap.  I ran up a pair of curtains and decided to do the tie backs in the burlap with a little flower decoration.
 I cut out 5 large circles and 5 smaller circles and using embroidery thread I sewed each large petal together until I had a circle. 

You have to be really careful when pulling the petals tight as the burlap has such an open weave that you could easily fray the piece down to nothing.  The 5 smaller circles were then attached the same way but on top of the larger circle.  I added some lovely ceramic flower buttons to the middle.  I decided to go round the edges of each petal with Fray Stop glue which seems to have worked.  My conclusion is that it is not easy to sew with but just take it slowly and you will get a lovely result.

Ready for the playhouse

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  1. Lucky children to have such lovely curtains and such a talented Mum. Zx