Thursday, 7 July 2011

First ETSY sale

It has been quite a momentous week for me.  I have at last had my first Etsy sale!! It has taken some amount of work to get to this stage but hopefully things will start moving from now.  I somehow thought that selling online would be really easy but the truth is that there is so much out there that you really have to work hard at getting your products noticed.  I have been creating Treasuries, joining teams, trying to improve my photos all in the hope of getting noticed.  I spent the whole day last Sunday taking photos and redoing my shop image and luckily for me I made 2 sales on Monday.  My two Hush Baby cushions are now on their way to Spain to await the arrival of twins.

The second big thing to happen this week was the completion of our house in France.  It has been a long 5 years and probably more so for my parents who did all the work of rebuilding and turning a dilapidated old barn into a beautiful holiday house.  We have had our first paying guests this week so hopefully all goes well.
A big thank you to Mum & Dad - hopefully you can sit back and enjoy the house now.

From this - 2006

To this - 2011