Saturday, 7 January 2012

Paper Gift Bags

n my quest to try out different projects featured in my (many) magazines I thought I would give the baby box a try which is featured in the Feb edition of Crafts Beautiful - after all - how difficult can a paper bag be?  Well I couldn't even get through the first paragraph!  Not to be defeated, I had a look on google to see if I could find an easier way but each one I tried was just a mess when it came to the bottom folds.  I eventually took one of my bought bags apart and tried to copy the folds to see if I could master it.  Hey presto - nice neat folds giving a professional look to my gift bags.  I have loads of patterned paper which is given away in the craft magazines so made up a few bags to have on hand. 

All the time I was trying out my bags and creating a mound of wasted paper by 5 year old son was working away on his own paper project.  A masterpiece - a paper guitar with paper strings and even a paper plectrum.  I can't fault his enthusiasm and thought process but I think we are seriously keeping the paper industry going.  Better than sitting in front of the TV anyday!!

Play it again Sean

Music sheet on the floor with a 'wonky' music stand next to it.

For a step by step tutorial on how to make these paper bags

Take a piece of paper and place with the longer sides as the top and bottom.

Fold over 2cm along the top edge and glue down.

Fold over 2cm down the right hand side. Add glue (pritt) down the folded edge. Take left hand side and fold over to meet the edge of the right hand side. Crease down both side edges.

Now fold over each side by 3cm and crease down well.

Open out these folds to lie flat and fold up 3cm along bottom edge. Crease well.

Now for the tricky bit - take hold of the bottom right corner (which has been folded up) and bring it down to the folded bottom edge. The crease marks will help guide you.

Repeat for left hand side and crease down well.

Open out bottom folds and then refold the sides but with the middle fold pointing inwards this time.

Lie the bag down and then open up the bottom as indicated in the two photos above. You want these two little triangles flat on both sides. It becomes more obvious when you are doing it as the folds have all been marked already.

Now press down both side as above to cover the two little triangles. Crease down flat.

Glue bottom flap and fold up.

Glue top flap and fold down.
If you want to reinforce the bottom just measure a piece of card to match the bottom, add glue and place inside the bag. Press down well.

Add ribbon or handles to decorate. Once you have done one they should only take a couple of minutes per bag.

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