Friday, 4 May 2012

Just one of those weeks

Kindle cover

You know those days when you wake up in the morning and things just don't go right - well I have had a few of them this week.  Last Sunday started off well - I even got to do some sewing.  I decided to make a cover for my Kindle and chose an embroidery design from  I liked the design because I thought it was quite funny although not altogether true as my hubby does do more than his fair share around the house.  I used a piece of felt which is thick enough to offer some protection and doesn't require any finishing off.  On the back I inserted a magnetic fastener to keep the Kindle from falling out.  Easy!!  Later that evening I was doing my usual surfing on the Internet and next thing my computer was going crazy - yup - I somehow managed to end up with a Trojan Virus.
The next few days were spent trying to get things back to normal without losing too much data.  Thankfully the important things like family photos were all backed up so not too much damage.  I have now made a vow to myself to backup every week because there really is no second chance with these viruses - they are horrible!!  Anyway - after a long week my hubby and I decided to go for a nice breakfast after dropping the kids off to school.  Sitting, waiting for our meal I glanced out the window and watched as a large delivery van reversed into the front of my car.  The damage is not too bad but I guess most of next week will be spent trying to sort out the insurance claim for something that was not even my fault.  I could think of a hundred better things I would rather be doing.  Oh well - let's hope the sun shines next week.

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