Sunday, 13 March 2011

Wedding Of The Year

Yes, it is finally happening - the wedding we have all been waiting for.  How long have we been asking ourselves "Will he, won't he?"  Well finally he has seen the light, finally he understands that this is what the people want.  Something to look forward to in this tough economic climate.  Our shy, retiring (nearly retired at his rate), fair-haired chap finds his beautiful, dark haired heroine and sweeps her off her feet.  He has done the sensible thing, taken his time, making sure the lovely lady gets used to 'the family' before popping the question - after all it is a very unusual family she is marrying into.  My good news is that I have been asked to make and quote a price for a ring bearer cushion for this very special occasion.  As if I would charge for this very special honour.  Just to be part of this huge ceremony is payment enough - I could be famous after this.  Who had heard of Elizabeth Emanuel before she had made Princess Di's dress?  Ok so it is only a ring bearer cushion but we all have to start somewhere.  Anyway I am waiting for details of the colour and fabric choice but obviously this is all top secret information and I will be unable to share with the general public.  In the meantime I had a little practice session with a piece of silk from my stash and tried out my new software for my sewing machine.  And just like all fairytale endings ....

Don't they make a lovely couple

(Permission has not been granted to use the above picture so I may be asked to remove it 
(for security reasons) but then again I only have 5 followers to this blog so not much
chance of anyone seeing it.

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