Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tooth Fairy Cushion part 2

I have now finished the boys version of the tooth fairy cushion and Sean seems happy with it – probably because it has a sword on it. I happened to overhear a conversation he was having with his little sister which went along the lines of “now open wide Kirsty and let’s see if we can take out one of your teeth for Mums’ cushion”. I poked my head round the corner armed with the camera and there he was with his building gloves on (for hygiene reasons obviously) and his toy shifting spanner and poor Kirsty, mouth open wide, patiently waiting for her tooth to be extracted.
I think I need to move on swiftly to another, safer project.
By the way – the £5 note is not what the Tooth Fairy will be leaving in place of a tooth. With two accountants as parents and one of them Scottish at that I think my children will be getting to know a much meaner Tooth Fairy than the one who left the £5 note above.

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  1. Love the pirate version! Do you do football themed cushions?