Friday, 28 January 2011

French Wardrobe Bags

Just popped over to France for a couple of days to visit my parents and as always on my return from France I am inspired by the gorgeo

us nic nacks which adorn the shops and markets.  I love all the heavy, classy fabrics that they use but which I never seem to be able to find in the UK.  I did find some lovely check fabric on Ebay which was a real bargain and I now have loads of the lovely pink and cream heavy duty fabric which needs to be used up.  I decided to try my hand at these lovely little bags which the French use to hang on their  wooden wardrobes and doors.  They don't seem to have any purpose other than to just look pretty.  I wondered if I could put some fragrance inside the bag but not sure how this would work as the bags cannot be opened once the fragrance had faded.  Will have to think some more about that one ......

For a step by step tutorial on how to make these bags

What's needed:
Piece of fabric - 18cm x 61cm
Toy stuffing
40cm cord
40cm ribbon (8mm wide)
Fabric rose
Glue gun

1. Overlock/zigzag two short ends
2. Press a 7cm hem towards wrong side on both short ends
3. Open up hem and sew both side seams. Trim corners at both top and bottom and press open.

4. Turn bag to right side turning top hem into the bag along the pressed fold line. Press.
5. Fill bag with toy stuffing to just above the overlocked edge on the inside.

6. Glue cord to back approx 6.5cm from top edge as illustrated. Glue ribbon over the bottom edges of the cord.

7. Turn bag to face front and tie a tight knot in the ribbon making sure that all toy stuffing is caught beneath the knot.

8. Glue fabric rose (homemade of course) over the knot and trim ends of ribbon - et voila

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